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About GrayStone CrossFit & Human Performance

GrayStone’s History

GrayStone Performance and GrayStone CrossFit was founded in 2017. The facility is located in downtown New Albany, Indiana and is equipped with weights, concept 2 rowers, barbells, dumbbells, and a multitude of other pieces of equipment. We offer class and individual coaching utilizing a plethora of training techniques to include the CrossFit methodology, agility training, and sports oriented strength and conditioning.

Principles of Success





Adam Smith
Adam Smith Head Coach

Adam’s fitness journey has been a long one. After high school sports, he joined the military at 17. His military career led him into a multitude of different training methodologies which ultimately introduced him to CrossFit and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  This served him well and assisted him when he decided to further his career in the U.S. Army.

Adam has had some amazing opportunities to develop coaches around the world and assist in opening several CrossFit gyms. He has been sharing his passion for fitness and helping people reach their goals for over a decade. His desire to help others achieve things they never thought possible has driven him to learn new and innovative coaching methods. Adam hopes to share his love for fitness and his warrior mentality to help build a strong community within GrayStone and the downtown New Albany Area.
Tara Denzinger
Tara Denzinger Coach

Prior to Cross-Fit, Tara’s fitness regimen consisted of self-taught military and law enforcement exercise techniques and standards in order to stay fit for her career in law enforcement. After a personal tragedy years later, Tara used exercise to relieve stress. Several friends suggested CrossFit and she fell in love with it and the community within.

She experienced newfound independence, a feeling of empowerment and independence. She often states, “CrossFit changed the course of my life. It gave me my life back.” She quickly became known for her love of lifting and carrying heavy things. She participated in a team building event, called GORUCK. GORUCK was started by US Special Forces Veterans, and provide an opportunity for civilians to get exposed to similar team building events Green Berets go through during selection. The event furthered her love of lifting and led her to become a Competitive Powerlifter. She medaled in her first competition and competed until late 2016.

Tara earned her CrossFit, L1 Coaching Certificate in 2015 and is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Exercise Science with hopes to work with our nation’s veterans. Tara is excited to work with people of all athletic abilities as they work to meet their own individual personal and fitness goals.

“What I love most about CrossFit are the challenges it presents. As an athlete, there is always something that needs to be improved upon. To watch someone put in the time and work. The dedication it takes and seeing that dedication pay off. On a personal level, it’s an amazing feeling but its even more special to watch someone else do it.” Tara Denzinger
John Janssen
John Janssen Coach

John is one of the friendly faces you will see when you walk through the doors of Graystone CrossFit and Human Performance. Before John found CrossFit, he was busy working hard and long days managing his agricultural business. He hit a plateau with his health and had a hard time staying in shape so he decided to try CrossFit.

The first few weeks he found the workouts challenging and did not enjoy it but ultimately decided to trust the process. Within two weeks he was hooked and came to love everything about CrossFit. He finds the intensity and the supportive community to be the biggest motivation. In addition, he attributes CrossFit to helping develop some of the closest relationships he has.

John is a high energy coach who gets just as excited for your successes as he does his own. He takes coaching seriously and looks for the best in form and function.

When he is not at GrayStone you can find him training for his personal fitness goals, overseeing his business and spending time with his friends.


Kelsey’s fitness journey started at the tender age of 3 years old with gymnastics and cheerleading lessons. She fell in love with both sports and continued to pursue them along with other interests throughout middle and high school. Currently, she has two years of Collegiate Cheerleading experience as a flyer and tumbler with the University of Louisville.

In addition to her cheerleading experience, she has been a gymnastics coach for the past 5 years. When a friend of Kelsey’s told her about a new CrossFit gym in the area, she was excited to try it out. The day she walked through the doors at GrayStone her life changed. She fell in love with CrossFit and the challenges it presented but she really became intrigued by the differences and results following her training. Through coaching she hopes to help individuals find their passion for getting into shape and getting stronger.

She is often heard stating, “It is completely addicting.”