The Time is Now


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I would like to take a moment and clear some things up for folks.

  1. Fitness must start somewhere.
  2. Fitness must start sometime.
  3. Enough with all of the excuses
  4. You are at the exact right moment in your life to start your fitness progress right now!


Every day we have folks that come into the gym, or mention the gym to a friend, and the statement they hear is “I’m not fit enough for that.” Were you coordinated enough to learn how to walk as a child? Were you practiced enough for your first kiss? Were you educated enough to read your first book before you knew your letters? I can give you the answer to each of those questions. NO! you weren’t ready for any of those things when they happened. Yet you still learned how to walk, and hopefully learned how to read, and even more hopefully learned how to kiss well.

Don’t think that anyone walks into the door ready, or even capable, of doing all the moves exactly like someone who has been training regularly. Everyone starts with modifications to the movements for a plethora of reasons. Those reasons could include previous injuries, strength deficiencies, nervousness, etc. It simply doesn’t matter what the problem is, there is a modification that can be made to help progressively build strength, mobility, and better movement.

The point to all of this is the time to begin is now. The time to make a change is now. The time to decide to be healthier, live easier, and ultimately fight back against the effects of the modern diet is now. We all struggle with diet, time management, and weight control even those of us who are in the gym regularly. The benefit of being in a community of people striving daily to make the same change is having folks to be accountable to. That accountability is the way to make sure you stay positive in your drive, and continue your efforts.

Just remember that being healthy isn’t about living longer, it’s about living the time we have left to the fullest. Being able to get up with less joint pain, picking up your groceries without moaning because your back hurts, or being able to throw a ball or ride a bike with your kids. At the end of the day it’s about simply living life. A longer life and being sexier naked is the cherry on top.


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